#theology Episodes

30 May 2024 · #633 The Virginal Paternity of God

Fr. John Nepil & Fr. Mike Rapp

Some thoughts from Louis Bouyer on how the feminine images God

07 Sep 2023 · #595 A Bride Adorned

Fr. John Nepil & Fr. Sean Conroy

Put the Church Back in Mary

20 Jul 2023 · #588 Dare We Hope that Balthasar is a Heretic?

Fr. John Nepil & Fr. Sean Conroy

Cleaning Out the Shed

26 Jan 2023 · #563 Sharper Than a Two Edged Sword

Fr. Mike Rapp & Fr. Sean Conroy

Shake Off the Dust

26 Aug 2021 · #502 Sent the Holy Spirit for the Forgiveness of Sins

Fr. Nathan Goebel & Fr. Mike Rapp

Seeking the truth is more than just a list

10 Oct 2012 · #106 Theology and Beauty

CatholicStuffPodcast@gmail.com (J.10 Initiative)

There is more to our faith than rules to live by