Fr. Michael O'Loughlin & Fr. Mike Rapp

Don’t Worry Soul, Penance is Coming!


    20 Jul 2017 · Penance

    Fr. Michael O'Loughlin & Fr. Mike Rapp

    Don't Worry Soul, Penance is Coming!

    13 Jul 2017 · Disarming Beauty

    Fr. John Nepil & Fr. Nathan Goebel

    We have answers to questions no one is asking

    06 Jul 2017 · Patriotism

    Fr. Michael O'Loughlin & Fr. Mike Rapp

    Too Much or Too Litle?

    29 Jun 2017 · Spiritual Dashboard Confessional

    Fr. John Nepil & Fr. Nathan Goebel

    Riding the Golden Mushroom of Consolation

    22 Jun 2017 · Gus?! Nah. Gus Can't Save Us

    Fr. John Nepil & Fr. Mike Rapp

    Providential Propaganda

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CSYSK hosts

Left to right: Fr. Nathan Goebel, Fr. John Nepil, Fr. Michael O'Loughlin, Fr. Mike Rapp

In January of 2010, Pope Benedict XVI asked young people to use technology for the New Evangelization. This request, colliding with the introduction to the podcast concept on the road trip to Banff, led to the creation of Catholic Stuff You Should Know. The style and format were entirely highjacked from the professional, well-researched and rather humorless podcast Stuff You Should Know. Our style has been coined "consciously unprofessional.” The hosts are not radio talents, but regular guys who happen to be Catholic priests. In its essence, the podcast is the fruit of priestly friendships of the Companions of Christ (to learn more visit

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly,” Chesterton used to say. After seven years, we still hold this as our motto, remaining thoroughly unimpressed with each episode. Yet by the grace of God, we continue to produce a weekly podcast of what we call “lighthearted explorations into various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.” By lighthearted, we mean pour a Maker’s Mark and banter on life’s eccentricities. By exploration, we mean the shared pursuit of the ever-elusive truths of the Catholica.

Behind the scenes, a few of our friends make this podcast possible. We will soon be an established non-profit, with the hopes of being able to compensating their generosity.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. And enjoy the banter!

Fr. John, Fr. Mike, Fr. Michael, and Fr. Nathan